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The 3rd Annual Medieval California Festival is April 21, 2018
At The Kern County Fairgrounds, Bakersfield, CA.
Gates Open at 10 AM Close at 7 PM

Special Events

Warrior Contest $200 Cash Prize
Muscular Medieval Warrior Male
Sexy Medieval Warrior Female

Attention all festival goers here is your chance to win $200 cash. You will need to dress up as a medieval warrior male or a medieval warrior female. You will walk across the Budweiser Pavilion stage and be judged by your attitude, appearance and armory. There can only be one winner for the men and one winner for the women. A panel of Judges will make the final decision who will get the cash and the trophies. Good Luck!

The Arm Wrestling Challenge
The Winner Will Receive $300 in Cash

Two male medieval warriors will battle it out on the arm wrestling table. Arm to Arm, Man to Man, let the war begin. There is a $5 entry fee for each warrior. The winner will recieve $300 in cash and trophy and the title. Do you got what it takes to be the winner?

Warrior Bench Press Challenge 

The Olympic press challenge. One Warrior will bench on a professional Olympic bench set. The warrior that benches the most 5 times wins the hundred dollars cash, Trophy, and Medieval sword.