Costume contest

Costume Contest

The 4th Annual Medieval California Festival at the Kern County museum Pioneer Village April 13-14, 2018. General admission is $14 for adults ,teenagers 13 to 17 is $8, children 10 to 12 $5, children under 10 free. Bring your muscle , your costume, and your shield. If you are  bringing in a sharp metal sword you must keep it in the Sheath at all times. All types of Spears allowed except for razor blade sharp ends. All steel armory including helmets, chest plates, arm and leg guards allowed  and of course your metal shield.

Participants will walk across the stage and be judged by their appearance, dresses, Armory, swords and shields, and your attitude.

• Best Dressed Adult Male Warrior - $200 Cash, Medieval Sword,  Trophy
• Best Dressed Adult Female Warrior - $200 Cash, Medieval Sword, Trophy

Don't have what it takes to dress up for the festival? Dont sweat it! We have clothses, full line of dresses, all kinds of Armory, swords and shields and everything else you'll need to dress up for Medieval Festival. We will have these items for purchase😊