A Family-Friendly Medieval Experience

Come one, come all to the Medieval California Festival in Bakersfield, California. At our festival, you feel as though you have stepped back into medieval times. Our staff is dressed in medieval attire from head to toe as gladiators, merchants, and peasants. This educational and safe environment is a great place for a day of fun-filled family entertainment. 

Immerse Yourself In the Culture

No matter what your age, dressing up is always a fun experience. Your participation in dressing up in medieval-style clothing and accessories is highly encouraged by our team. If you do not have the resources to dress up beforehand, our shops offer items such as clothing, swords, and shields.

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Knights of the Realm - Tournament of Champions

The Knights of the Realm tournament of champions. They will perform three huge shows in front of the grandstands. The first joust the tournament of roses starts at 11 AM on Saturday.

Under the Black Flag

They will be performing three shows in front of the grandstands. sword and pirate demonstrations with a 40ft pirate ship and crew. They also have Buccaneer boot camp for the kids pirate training.

Enjoy the battle between Pirates.

Joust Kidding

The Medieval band "Joust Kidding" will be playing medieval music at the food court area. So, grab a turkey leg and enjoy the music.

Horsemen Of Judgement Keep

Will be performing 3 shows in front of the grandstands. 75 medieval Warriors out on the field ready for battle. it'll be a fight to the Finish!

The Armored Combat League (ACL)

They will be performing 2 shows in front of the grandstands. These medieval Warriors are dressed in full steel armor using real swords and axes. It will be fight to the Finish. Come out and see them fight.

The Kern Athletic Fencing Foundation

The Kern County athletic fencing Foundation will be performing live demonstrations in front of the grandstands. You can participate in fencing. They will suit you up and give you a fencing sword and you can fight your friends.

Captain Dogfish Briggins

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Also Performing:

The Fools and the Fae


A band the plays whimsical musical that combines silliness with good old folk songs, drink, magic, and songs brought forth by an enhancing fat and a gypsy goblin.

Kris Colt & The Black Rose Band


Kris Colt is a uniquelyAmerican Celtic vocal artist, who brings with her the historical tradition of the Bardic Storyteller. Weaving her successfully radio charted originals, Kris Colt will lead you through an evening of the most beloved Irish and Scottish classics as well as the sassy fun filled, upbeat pub tunes that get you stomping and singing along.  

The French Royal Court


The French Royal by ST.Katherine's Guild Dark well Castle Organization,INC