A Family-Friendly Medieval Experience

Come one, come all to the Medieval California Festival in Bakersfield, California. At our festival, you feel as though you have stepped back into medieval times. Our staff is dressed in medieval attire from head to toe as gladiators, merchants, and peasants. This educational and safe environment is a great place for a day of fun-filled family entertainment. 

Immerse Yourself In the Culture

No matter what your age, dressing up is always a fun experience. Your participation in dressing up in medieval-style clothing and accessories is highly encouraged by our team. If you do not have the resources to dress up beforehand, our shops offer items such as clothing, swords, and shields.

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Knights of Realm

Additional Information

The Knights of the Realm tournament of champions. They will perform three huge shows in front of the grandstands. The first joust the tournament of roses starts at 11 AM on Saturday.

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