Event Contests

Special Events and Contests


At the Medieval California Festival, we have plenty of upcoming events that are great for people of all ages. Our vendors set up areas for fun and games both inside and outside. Find out once and for all who would make the best Medieval Warrior by participating in our events contest in Bakersfield, California.

Costume Contest


We host a Costume Contest for adults. A $5.00 entry fee per participant is required. More Information

Common Festivities


Many events at our festival include live performances by our kings, queens, and gladiators. Footage from the Spartan Race is not associated with Medieval California Festival. Check these events out here.

Medieval Warrior Strength and Agility Contests


Some of our contests put your strength and agility to the test. Participate in these events for a good spirited competition between our gladiators or between your friends and family.

Arm Wrestling


There will be one professional arm wrestling table that will take your brute force and your opponent to the next level. You and your fellow Warriors can battle it out.

Horse Shoes


Strength is not the only aspect that can win a battle. Test your accuracy by trying to get a ringer in our horseshoe game.

Rock Wall Challenge


Towering 26 feet straight up, three people can race to the top at once. The first person to the top of the rock wall to push their button first wins. The overall best wins the prize.

Click Here to see the actual rock wall.

Spear Throwing Challenge


We will have a large fenced in area to throw real target spears at a man size hay bale target. Each contestant will have 2 practice throws, then 5 throws for the contest. Throws will be judged by accuracy and any ties will have a throw off at the end of the contest.

*Footage from Spartan Race not associated with  Medieval California Festival.  Check them out at Spartan.com



Starting off with a long rope, two teams of four will conjure up every ounce of energy they have to fight for the win in this contest. If you do not have four people to team up with on the day of the event, we can match you up with fellow Warriors.

Strength Contests


Let's see who the toughest of the tough is while putting your muscle to the test on an Olympic size bench press. Winner takes the  title and the prize.

Dart Throwing


Test your skills among your friends or challenge yourself in the high score contest. The winner of our dart-throwing contest will get a prize.

Bow & Arrow Shoot


Several bales of hay are set up with a paper target for you and your friends to shoot for the high score. Each shooter will have several practice shots and the three final shots will determine the participants score. You know you want to.

Crossbow Challenge


Test your skill and accuracy at firing arrows with a little power behind them. Best accuracy wins the prize.

Bean Bag Toss


A perfect game for younger Spartans, the Bean Bag Toss is great for some lighthearted fun. The person with the highest score takes home a prize.

Knife Throwing


Test your skill and accuracy when throwing a knife against a medieval target.

Tomahawk Throwing


Test your skill and accuracy when throwing against a medieval target.